Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"And the Number 3 is Now Lucky to Me"

Roxkishia Warner received a free vision screening in Galveston, TX, unknowingly changing the way she would see life. Here’s her story about her experience in receiving a vision screening and in participating in our Healthy Eyes Eyeglass program:

“I heard about the free [vision] screening from a friend [so] we arranged a time to go participate together. When we arrived to find a one hour wait, my friend began to get impatient and complained of hunger. I told her that this was worth the wait, because if she left, I would have to as well, since we rode together. Somehow she received patience. We both failed our screening and got instructions to visit an eye doctor for the discounted exam, and to fax in our original application and prescription and in 3 weeks we will get a voucher for a pair of eyeglasses. Well thank God for my friend and a little patience, because instead of 3 weeks to receive the voucher, it was 3 days. I’ve been in need of glasses for 3 years since my last pair was broken. Now I can see better and the number '3' is now lucky to me. Thank you!"

Roxkishia, September 2012
Through our state-wide Healthy Eyes Eyeglass program, we have been able to help thousands of Texans, like Roxkishia, receive a much-needed pair of eyeglasses. Every 11 minutes someone goes blind but we hope that one day, with the help of our partners, donors and supporters, we will be able to end preventable blindness.

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