Tuesday, October 30, 2012

8 Sight-Saving Halloween Costume Tips

1. Stay away from non-prescription decorative contact lenses—these lenses use toxic dyes and cheap materials that could scratch your cornea, cause an allergic reaction or even cause blindness!

2. Don’t sleep in your makeup—it can cause skin irritation.

3. Don’t use non-FDA approved makeup—it could cause skin irritation but you can test it on your arm beforehand if you insist on using it.

 4. Don’t dye your eyebrows or eyelashes—this could cause an allergic reaction such as swelling around your eye, irritation or even blindness. Just stick with FDA-approved eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow instead.

 5. Apply false eyelashes carefully—follow the directions carefully. Also, make sure they were stored in a clean area to prevent bacteria from infecting your eyes.

6. Don’t wear costumes that are too long—falling and tripping is a common cause of eye injuries, so make sure your costumes fit well!

7. Avoid kids’ costumes with sharp, pointy objects—swords and knives may complete a pirate or ninja costume, but they could also hurt someone’s eye. If your kids insist, make sure the objects are made from soft, flexible materials.

 8. Avoid costumes with masks or hats that block your vision—if you have the perfect mask or hat that completes your costume, make sure to take it off while crossing the street or driving so that you can see without difficulty.

Have a happy and safe Halloween! 

References: http://www.seemuchmore.com/learn-about-eyes/ten-ways-to-protect-eyes-for-halloween

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