Thursday, April 11, 2013

Every Woman's Struggle

Madelane, a visually impaired woman, lives in a residential treatment center in Texas.  Due to her low income, she was unable to afford an eye exam or glasses for three years.  She recalls, “I was blind and never knew when I would get glasses.”

Many American women like Madelane face difficulties obtaining eye care.  In fact, it is extremely important for women to obtain eye care because 63% of visually impaired or blind Americans over the age of 40 are women, which far exceeds men.  The primary causes of poor women’s eye health are longevity and hormonal factors.

Prevent Blindness Texas has designated April as Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month in an effort to educate women about the steps they can take today to help preserve  their vision in the future.  Prevent Blindness recommends that women start a healthy diet, quit smoking, take supplements, wear UV-protected glasses, and learn more about their family’s history of eye disease.

If other women follow PBT’s recommendations and if they see an eye doctor regularly, they may achieve happiness similar to Madelane when she finally received new glasses. She said, “I am happy I can see clearly; wearing glasses when you need it feels really good.”

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